Length 33 m ( 110 ft. )
Width 22 m ( 72 ft. ) at the widest point.
Height 8,6 m ( 27,5 ft. )
Total Surface Area 500 m2 ( 5381 sq. ft. )

The Crystal Palace
accommodates 320 people for a luxurious dinershow, buffet for 500 people and a maximum of 1000 people standing.

The Crystal Palace comes with a basic lighting plan that consists of:
3 light columns in the entrance area
3 Art Deco lamps above the bar
8 Parisian bulbs over the boardwalks, Ø 40 cm ( 15 inches )
1 chandelier in the center, Ø 3 meters ( 118 inches )
18 lights in the niches
2 lights at the outside entrance
4 light columns at the front
1 neon sign

A supply of 6000 Watts is needed for the tent,
theater lights and PA according to requirements.

The building site has to have enough space not only for the tent, but also for the 2 containers in which she comes. They measure 12 m. long, 2,40 m. wide and 4 m. high. The containers will have to be placed exactly at the tent. They weigh around 30 tons each. The tent has to be built at level, so the site has to be even with a maximum slope of 40 cm. per 30 meters. The surface of the site has to be sufficiently solid. Lessee has to provide a connection to a power supply of 220 Volts.

The Crystal Palace is transported in 2 sea containers of 12 m. ( 40 ft. ) each.

It takes 3 days for build-up and 2 days for take-down.

Total building crew: 10 people.


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Technical Specifications:
operates under inspection book M4436 issued by
Supervising Institute in Germany
Spiegeltent The Crystal Palace
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